How to make a complaint against a member of The Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand Inc.

The Jewellery Appraisers society of New Zealand Inc. is committed to fostering the highest level of professional conduct amongst its members and works tirelessly to encourage members to enhance their skills and expertise. However, if a client is dissatisfied with the service you receive from a member of the Society they are entitled to make a formal complaint.
You should make your complaint in writing and address it to:

The Secretary
Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand
PO Box 9196, Greerton

The letter should identify the appraiser who is the subject of complaint, with a full explanation and any accompanying appraisals or any supporting evidence.
The JASNZ will investigate any complaint, with the aim of a satisfactory outcome for all complaints. As this will require significant time, a contribution to the costs of the investigation a fee of $200 must accompany your complaint.
This will be refunded if your complaint is upheld.
Once your complaint has been received the Society's Complaints Coordinator will appoint a Senior Appraiser to investigate it. He or she will conduct a full investigation and may contact the complainant, if required, for any additional details to assist in reaching a conclusion.
After completion, the investigating Appraiser will submit his or her findings for review by two other Senior Appraisers.
The outcome of the initial investigation will be discussed with a complainant, and with the member who is the subject of a complaint. Both will be given the opportunity to comment.
The initial findings of the investigator will then be submitted to the JASNZ Board with a recommendation, for discussion and final decision. All parties involved will be notified formally of the Board's decision.