Society Constitution and Rules

The Constitution and Rules of the JASNZ Membership are available from the Secretary, please contact them for details
The following Criteria for membership applies.

Student member

 Student Members must:

 Must be enrolled with an internationally recognised Gemmological Diploma course to pass within 5 years of enrolment.”

Work with and agree to consult with and use a Member or Senior Member’s Lab if appraising

Be a fit and proper person

Own or have ready access to minimal basic equipment specified by the Board.

 All other members must:

 Agree to only value to the level of competency as set by the Board

Agree to consult with and use a Senior Member’s Lab if appraising above the set competency level.

Possess a full international recognised ‘Gemmological Qualification’ and have completed a ‘Diamond Grading Course’

Submit three general appraisals at least once but not more than twice per year for Board review to ensure consistency with both national and international standards

Have shown competency to the board to appraise to the satisfaction of the board

Have a current JASNZ Practicing Certificate.

Have access to a set of accredited Diamond Masters,

Use a retrievable computer based database and presentation system.

Use a range of International Price Lists and update with local market research.

Maintain a comprehensive Library to a standard set by the Board.


Senior Member                                                                 

Senior Members must:

Have met the requirements for Membership plus

Be prepared to consult with other JASNZ members.

Have shown competency to the board to achieve this Senior member status

Maintain a client, appraisal, and examination record database.

Possess and use

A certified set of Diamond Masters

A Colour Grading System approved by the Board,

A Pearl Grading System

Access to X-ray radiography equipment