JASNZ Code of Ethics - Download
1) Integrity
JASNZ Members are to uphold at all times the Integrity of 'The Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand Inc.', conduct themselves and their business in a professional manner that will be a credit to the Society and their fellow members.

2) Competency
Members should undertake to preform Appraisals, which they reasonably believe they are competent to undertake. All members have undertaken to improve their professional competency, continue to study, update their skills, and to practice the latest methods -
advancements, and techniques in gemological science.

3) Disclosure
Members are advised, that if an appraisal is requested, or is to be presented by them on any item, in which they have any form of interest, or intended interest, a clear statement of disclosure, shall appear prominently on the presented appraisal document.

4) Confidentiality
Members shall maintain strict confidence in respect of all matters relating to a client, their property and records. No disclosures of confidential information should be made, except with the permission of the client or as otherwise required by law.

5) Records
Members shall keep records of every appraisal, complete with working notes and coloured photographs, under secure conditions, for a period of no fewer that (five) years from the date of the presented appraisal.

JASNZ members will refrain from 'Verbal' estimates or 'Verbal' opinions, relating to any form of appraisal - grading or identifications.

6) Care of a clients Items
Members shall take such care of clients items in their possession, as is required by law. Your client/s should be advised that all care and security will be under-taken, however any item/s left in your care, must be covered for Insurance, by the client. This should be noted on an appraisal 'Take In' document/receipt, and signed by the client.

7) Relations with other Appraisers
Members shall, at all times, endeavour to maintain good relations with other Members. Members will NOT comment adversely to any other party/client, upon the integrity and/or competence of another Member, either in general, or in relation to a particular appraisal.

8) Nomenclature / Terms
Members will not use terms, unacceptable to the JASNZ Society, at any time, particularly unacceptable, and confusing nomenclature, not of standard GIA/CIBJO rule usage, as complied and agreed to by the New Zealand Jewellery Industry.

9) Public Interest
Members will advise their clients, that an Appraisal is not to be used for 'Re-Sale' purposes, unless otherwise CLEARLY stated.

A completed appraisal is only to be used for the purposes as stated and/or requested by the client

An Appraisal is for the sole use of the client who requested it.

Members of The Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand will abide by all the legislated Statutes and Laws, of the New Zealand Parliament.

JASNZ members will abide by and use within all appraisals 'THE (JWNZ) FAIR TRADING ACT 1986, JEWELLERY INDUSTRY CODE OF CONDUCT.

To retain active membership status, a member will remain active as an appraiser within the profession; abide by the ‘Rules, ‘Code of Conduct’ and ‘Code of Ethics’ of The Jewellery Appraisers Society on New Zealand Inc.

JASNZ members will abide by and use G.I.A. terminology for Diamonds and Coloured Stones, within all appraisals.

Members will abide by and use the (CIBJO) standard nomenclature for Gemstones and other recognised Gem materials. i.e. The 'Confederation Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie et Orfevreie', formed as an international association for jewellery, silver, pearls, and the gem trades.
Members will abide by the decisions and recommendations of the elected JASNZ 'Board'.
To retain membership and full benefits a member must be financial at all times.
Professional Indemnity Insurance is a prerequisite of membership.

A prerequisite is that details of members Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy, will be recorded on the JASNZ database, before a yearly practising certificate will be issued.

Where specialist knowledge of a particular item is outside the qualification and experience of an appraiser, they will consult with a specialist, or decline the appraisal.

Members agree that they will subscribe to international journals (Gems and Gemology), - (The Guide) and other publications relating to Appraisal and related information.

A prerequisite of a practising certificate, is to attend all JASNZ seminars, exams and meetings, when called upon.

Members agree, if missing (three) consecutive meetings, without advising the secretary, of good reason, and in due time, if unable to attend, will prejudice their practising certificate.

Members will, after due process, abide by the recommendations and decisions, fines, and/or disciplinary actions of the Complaints Committee.

Members will supply, when requested, five representative and assorted types of 'actual' appraisals, per annum to the 'Board' for national and international peer review.

Members agree to use an appraisers 'Board' appointed 'Mark', discreetly presented on all appraised items, where possible.

Members must display in their place of practice, The Code of Ethics and The Code of Conduct, in a prominent and visible position to the public.